Select Policy Sales Price Purchase
0 Personal Tax clients (Rental income of up to £50,000 and self-employment to £15,000) £91.56 Purchase
0 Personal Tax Clients (Rental income in excess of £50,000) £212.30 Purchase
0 Sole Traders (Sole trade or self-employment income over £15,000 to £10m) £316.80 Purchase
0 Limited Companies (and Partnerships with Annual turnover of less than £25m *) £387.91 Purchase
0 Businesses with annual turnover of more than £25m or groups Bespoke Premium Please call 020 7330 0000

*Please note that for business clients, where Arram Berlyn Gardner is the tax return agent of the directors, partners or company secretaries (including their spouses / civil partners) the business fee also covers their personal tax returns at no extra cost, provided annual gross rental income is less than £50,000 and they do not have any self-employment income over £15,000, otherwise an additional Sole Trader fee will be due.